It’s all about process and concept…

            As an Indian born artist currently residing in America, I have been fortunate to observe and adopt contemporary art methods, practices, and techniques in my art. However, Indian culture, customs, traditions, and philosophy have always been a dominant factor in my artistic inspirations. I have developed a hybrid art style that combines western techniques and Indian subject matter.

            My initial artwork was confined to two-dimensional paintings. The limitations of a single medium and surface have forced me to leave my painting comfort zone. My surface of choice has changed from a rectangular shaped canvas to a variety of media. I am experimenting with installation, sculptural, fiber, and performance work that involves more than one medium. I have become inclined to explore my creative pursuits in any surface and media that can best portray my concept. The subject matter has remained the same though the surface and process have changed.

             Stylistically, my artworks are spontaneous, expressive, dynamic, and gestural. Conceptually, my art questions the presence or absence of an individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual self in relationships and socio-cultural traditions. I am attempting to physically reconnect with and relive Indian traditions and rituals through my performance art.

            I am also getting more involved in the process of making art by re-entering an existing artwork or artifact. I have been re-working methodically yet intuitively into the dresses and surfaces of my performance pieces. This process of embellishing and refinishing spontaneously created artifacts allows me to retrace and relive the moments of art creation.